Accord Worldwide capacity building solutions are covered under its registered trademark Accordemy®. Accordemy provides policy support, structuring and HRM technical assistance, system development, quality standard setting and leadership development besides its training solutions. These services in an inclusive way enable the client organization to not only equip their teams with the knowledge but also the enabling environment and management support to change potentials to performance. Any service related to capacity building and organizational development will be preceded by a complimentary needs assessment to ensure our contribution is responsive to the actual needs of our clients.

Our training solutions include the entire capacity building cycle along.  Our consultants can work along with your focal point to develop a tailor-made and need-based solution for your workforce. Besides the corporate level solutions, we offer pre-designed courses in the form of public courses in 12 regular destinations. These courses along with other tailor-made courses can also be offered across the globe. Courses for your groups of more than seven participants can be offered in the form of in-house or group training at any time and venue desired by our clients.

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