When training happens, the participants get the right knowledge, but to put this into practice they need to upgrade their skill level from “Competency” to “Proficiency”. Our trainers work closely with the participants to ensure that the learning objectives have been clearly understood through our mentorship approach. This transfer requires coaching and mentoring where Accord Worldwide can play the role of a facilitator. To provide this service, we look into the management structure, organizational ergonomics, availability of job tools etc. To offer this service, our experts develop certain checklists and tools that enables target trainee perform better and can include job aid and other tools development too.

While training is the means for capacity development, better performance is the outcome. However in many cases, training programs and performance end up a dilemma of a gap between translating knowledge to action. Accord Worldwide can assist by identifying this gap and bridging it so that proper knowledge is transferred into practice and motivational, supervisory or management issues that create the enabling environment is addressed.

Accord Worldwide believes that human motivation plays the key role in performances and apart from technical and leadership training, there is huge need for team spirit and organizational culture that enables employees perform in what can be called “excellent”.

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