In Accord Worldwide we believe in partnerships and teaming up. Our partnership schemes are straightforward, simple and based on mutual interest. We welcome the contribution of individuals and organizations in joining our efforts to make the world a better place. Our partnerships are based on two corporate values: We believe in business that can deliver results, and we believe simplification of work processes can create opportunities for more accomplishments and success!

Partnership opportunities are based on highly flexible pre-structured schemes that include:

  1. – Marketing Affiliates (individual/firm)
  2. – Sales Associates (individual)
  3. – Local Distributor (firm)
  4. – Implementing Partners (firm)

Marketing Affiliates (Individual/Firm)

We welcome affiliates who want to work with us both on pay per lead and pay per sale basis. This service is currently only available for Training and Capacity Building Services. All qualified leads will be paid with a fixed amount, depending on the service the lead is for, which can go up to 10% of course fee for each participant registered.

For details and applications, please click here:

Sales Associates (Individual)

We welcome individuals who have the possibility to invest their time and talent and partner with our development projects. The Associate does not have to invest any resources than their time and talent. This partnership works for following expertise of Accord Worldwide:

  1. – Community-Based Soft Consultancy
  2. – TVET and SME Development
  3. – Healthcare Support

To see if you are eligible and to register you can Apply Now!

Local Distributor (Firm)

Accord Worldwide Open Courses are offered based on a market-driven calendar. We welcome local companies in various destinations around the world to promote the event in their respective territory of operation and complete enrollment of participants at their end. Such participants will be offered a seat in the course events and get a certificate of completion. This partnership is open to training and marketing/outsourcing sales companies. You are welcome to register here and we shall get back to you soon. To get in touch click here.

Implementing Partners (Firm)

Accord Worldwide is looking to partner with several local NGOs and firms that operate in development projects. We prefer organizations working for Community Based Soft Skills, Human Rights, Civic Education, Community Resilience, Healthcare, SME and TVET Development. Partnerships are project-based and general MoUs will be signed for general understanding. To get in touch click here.

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