There is a consensus among all development workers that development is integrated. However, many implementing agencies still offer vertical expertise to either implement programs/projects or play a role in studying development or capacity building. While it can be justified by a stronger focus on quality, it also allows a gap between action and learning. Accord Worldwide’s approach is to focus on specific areas of its expertise while offering an inclusive solution set that includes strategy execution (i.e., project/program design and implementation), technical assistance, and capacity building. This inclusive approach allows the firm to implement projects and study various approaches and strategies in the meantime in the implementation area and then utilize the findings as supplementary training material in training programs. We document the lessons learned and best practices from ground realities and include them in the learning material that is offered to learners of our training services. This is how we fill the gap between learning and action.

Accord Worldwide believes development, on the contrary to emergency and relief support, which are temporary solutions, is more of the production of a solid result and must be added to accumulated achievements. We are promoters of self-sustaining, inclusive approaches that encompass public, private, and charity stakeholders as partners of the communities they serve. The active role of the private sector in development not only brings more accountability and responsibility but also contributes to the culture of sound business and long-term economic prosperity.

Accord Worldwide Approach