Applied Logistics Management

Accord Worldwide organised the workshop in Applied Logistics Management for the Nigerian Election Committee. The members of Nigerian Election Committee studied this course with a practical approach allowing participants to experience real like scenarios and discuss different views and approaches towards a solution.

The Nigerian Election Committee had the opportunity to meet and know the ways of working of the Malaysian Election Committee and share experience and knowledge during a practical session. This opportunity served as a bridge between both countries to continue exploring new solutions for old challenges.

This training helped participants to:

  • Lead a winning logistics team, department or project
  • Understand the practical and latest techniques in logistics management
  • Empower others to deliver results in logistics management
  • Ensure goods proper recording, storage, stocking and supplies as per latest business requirements
  • Ensure meeting storage and goods supply principles are met.
  • Manage international logistics of larger scales.

For more details of the course please follow the link.