Accord Worldwide has extensive capacity in delivering professional training and development. Our services can benefit private and public clients. Training programs are all tailored to meet the actual needs of your workforce.  A research-based gap identification precedes any training delivery, which helps find out what needs are there. These needs will help our technical team to shape the intervention and bring about the improvements your team needs.

For a training program, the overall goal is a guide to design training as a solution. The TNA will help us develop training objectives and tailor relevant modules. A generic training program will include:

  • Setting Program Goal
  • Identifying Enrollment Criteria
  • Setting Learning Objectives
  • Designing Standards of Competency
  • Development of Curricula
  • Trainer’s Manual/Guide
  • Learning Resource Material
  • Program Monitoring and Evaluation Tools and Matrix
  • Training Quality Assurance Standards
  • Program impact assessment

Training solutions help your team to grow, deliver better and faster. Our services will benefit supply chain support and value chain support of private sector firms as well as government/donor funded SME development programs. We work closely with government bodies, international NGO’s and communities for the implementation of projects that support SME Development. On analysis and recognition of market-driven opportunities, we assist in the selection of potential candidates to run the SME and are duly trained with the necessary vocational training, basic technical and business skills, tailor-made CRM training, and toolkits to run the business. The range of services can include, but are not limited to:

  • Market Assessment
  • Training and business inception coaching
  • Practical expansion and networking support
  • Market linkage and Market expansion support
  • Grants Management
  • Impact Assessment and Program Evaluation
  • Minority inclusion in economic growth

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