Accord Worldwide services in health and nutrition include primary health care, hospital based health care and health system strengthening. These services assist public and private facilities to improve quality and/or enhance capacity of their institution.

Our services are always context-based interventions and tailor-made. The rich experience and expertise of our consultants with standard solutions from the firm deliver optimum results to improve life-saving healthcare.

Working on hard to reach and difficult areas is another strength of Accord Worldwide. The firm’s work in Asia and Africa for more than a decade reveals its extent of access and local reputation.

Accord Worldwide has helped state departments improve their technical capabilities and deliver better. This can further help future clients through the implementation of PPP schemes, system improvement for service delivery, policy development, strategy development and assessments for quality and standard based health services management. As part of such services, household survey and assessments can also be offered to address large scale health questions.

No matter a public owned or private owned hospital, there are needs for system improvement and management empowerment besides relation building between the hospital and the target community. Health is a product of doctor and client/patient and if they look at each other as a seller and buyer the relation is very weak. Accord Worldwide helps health institutions to improve their management capabilities, enhance their response capacity and quality of care. The scheme of these services include an inclusive and needs based approach where clients business becomes our business. Accord Worldwide has also the scheme of running and managing the hospital with full responsibility. This can be implemented under a public institution contract out mechanism or a management consultancy for a private owned hospital.

Accord Worldwide helps communities to empower and contribute to the healthy community actively. Our health services always recommend community mobilization as an inclusive part. We reach the heart of hard to reach areas through the network of international and local contributors. While Accord Worldwide assists in very important issues of vaccination, exclusive breastfeeding, family planning or HIV/AIDS, it also focuses on capacity building of local health workers and strengthening of health services so that the impact of our input is sustainable. Primary health care is a global concern as health problems do not need visas to cross borders. It takes health workers, the private sector, and public sector to give hands-on hands and address health issues. Accord Worldwide plays the role of a professional consultant and turns ideas into realities. Our primary health services are tailored for an urban setting and rural setting so that each gets the right approach and benefit target beneficiaries. 

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