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The marketing manager is expected to build and lead a team to promote Accordemy® as an international brand. The focus will primarily go to existing markets and industries and gradually explore other promising growth opportunities. It is a strategic position that includes leadership, management and advisory role. There are four main outputs expected from the contribution of this position: 1. Awareness among target audience; 2. Visitors to company websites; 3. Subscriptions/contacts that like the services, but do not or cannot afford to buy them now; 4. Inquiries/leads to be passed to the sales team.
At the center of our focus is the public courses that are implemented as ” events”. Once a course is confirmed, the marketing manager and his/her team is expected to promote that course in the relevant market and maximize the number of attendees. This is the main milestone for marketing to generate quality leads for confirmed courses. 
  1. Revise and improve marketing strategy – mainly digital marketing.
  2. Create plans, budgets, and procedures to present to company management for approval.
  3. Assign (full time, part time or freelancers) to perform part of the job as required for the marketing initiatives
  4. Monitor progress of activities, effectiveness, and efficiency of strategies and advise company director accordingly.
  5. Ensure goals are achieved
  6. Coordinate with sales and business development officers to enhance company growth accordingly.
  7. Consider feedback from the sales team on the quality of leads generated
  8. Propose and implement strategies that can engage the target audience in company services.
  9. Ensure marketing partners are performing their jobs according to the respective agreements.
  10. The company will conduct from time to time perception surveys among its target audience and the results of that will be the basis for the awareness-raising activities.


The candidate is expected to:
  1. Have a masters degree in marketing (major in digital marketing)
  2. Have a sound knowledge of WordPress and zoho crm with other common softwares used for business
  3. Should have experience in marketing of professional events or training courses to a wide range of markets
  4. Strong writing skills with SEO friendly approach and google requirements
  5. Must have experience with hiring freelancers and working remotely with teams of different backgrounds.


The candidate will earn a fixed salary of $1000 on a monthly basis along with result based commission from
  • (an agreed target will be the basis for evaluation):
  • Number of visitors to company websites
  • Number of contacts/subscriptions
  • Number of inquiries/leads (excluding the third party paid leads)
All calculations will be for non-paid advertisements and digital content promotional outcomes.

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