Mobile Cinema Project to Promote Health Messages

Mobile Cinema Program is one of the most successful community outreach interventions used for expansion of brand visibility promotion of key health messages and creation of demand for basic public health products that leads to the improvement of the health status of the target communities. It helps foster healthy behaviors change with the community by reinforcing health messages conveyed via other public awareness programs within the target area.

Accord Worldwide conducted 384 Mobile Cinema sessions in four districts of Zabul and Urozgan provinces of Afghanistan to a total audience of 11,520 participants.

Objectives of the sessions:

To enhance and promote COMPRI-A health messages and products on:

  1. Safe water system (Abpakon)
  2. Oral rehydration salt (Shefa)
  3. Birth spacing products including injectable and oral contraceptives (Khoshi) and Condoms (Asodagi)
Healthcare Support