CASA-1000 PR and Communication
Implementing PR and communication project of CASA-1000

CASA-1000 PR and Communication

  • Post published:2019-07-16
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BACKGROUND:  CASA-1000 as known by the Central Asia South Asia Electricity Transmission & Trade project is transformational with impact in two regions. CASA-1000 will facilitate the first electricity trade between…

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Environmental Feasibility Study

This project was funded by Asian Development Bank to collect accurate information on the economic and environmental indicators of the north region of Afghanistan where-from the railway will cross. The project…

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Market Driven Vocational Training III

Through this project a total of 100 youth were trained on different types of skills that were selected based on the result obtained from a thorough labor market assessment. The project…

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National Solidarity Program (NSP)

National Solidarity Program (NSP) 2011 - present Accord Worldwide is Facilitating Partner (FP) for the National Solidarity Program (NSP) in six districts of Uruzgan, which includes sub-project design and capacity-building…

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Market-Driven Vocational Training I

Accord Worldwide provided Market-Driven Vocational Trainings for over hundred male and female unemployed or under employed Afghan youth. The main objective of the project was to help youth to take…

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Market Driven Vocational Training II

Accord Worldwide contributed to the Socio-Economic recovery of Afghanistan through the provision of a national skills development and vocational education and training system, which is responsive to labour market needs…

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Internship Training Program

Accord Worldwide conducted Provision of Internship Training Services for ASGP/IARCSC in several Provinces of Afghanistan. The training contributed towards achieving a high rate of employment of the trainees within the government sector.…

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Anti-Corruption Activities

Accord Worldwide addressed the corruption issue in Afghanistan through an integrated and comprehensive intervention, which targeted multilevel audience from the public to the authorities and stakeholders. The emphasis was on…

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