Accord Worldwide is the right choice for your organization outsource project implementation. We follow result based management in tailor made formats to deliver not only the outputs but the outcome you expect. What makes us different from other choices, is a mix of field experience and training capability. We use the idea of bridging learning to action. In other words, project managers/consultants not only have strong field and professional experience, but regularly get updated through our training initiatives on various agile skills and technology based facilities. We offer various training on monitoring and evaluation and this adds value to the expert input in project management. Systematic monitoring and evaluation play a key role in every project or program. Accord Worldwide solutions are based on standard tools and expert input that is tailored for various concepts and contexts.

Project designs based on major development goals and ground realities can be undertaken by Accord Worldwide in various contexts. Our experts will do all the feasibility study and expected outcomes based on which projects will be designed. With a rich experience in theory and practice, we assist clients to design practical projects and take it to the execution level.

As part of our strategy execution offering, we support grants management programs. Accord Worldwide realizes the importance of a transparent and systematic grants management program. Our grants management solutions cover block grants to community-based organizations (CBOs), funding for SMEs, grants for civil society development, and any other scheme of grants. Accord Worldwide addresses the needs from solicitation, to contract negotiations, contract awards, and management. To ensure financial reports are accurate and milestones are achieved, Accord Worldwide uses a mix of high-tech input along with the allocation of experts on the ground.

We specialize in hard-to-reach and insecure areas monitoring and evaluation. Our experience of working in Asia and Africa equipped us with best practices and lessons learned that can be used in other hard-to-reach areas of the world. We monitor our monitoring projects in a practical way that assures systematic data collection and auditing the data for accuracy.

Strategy Execution Options