We work closely with clients to train in-house trainers or team leaders to be facilitators of learning and transfer the lessons to the participants of the tailor made programs. This program will enable the client to build in-house capacity for delivering training as per standard training methodologies. Training of trainers includes a psychology of adult learner, the planning of training programs, arrangements for the training venue as well as training delivery skills and methodologies.

It is vital that trainers have an in-depth of relating learning objectives to their delivery skills and relate each training methodology to the objectives. Hence, trainers who get the ToT in Accord Worldwide will get into practical sessions to get full competency on using various training methodologies in the right way.

The modern training approaches of interactive learning is commonly used, but what we help participants with is in fact is to get in-depth knowledge of choosing the right approach for the right subject. Besides, they will become trainers who realize not only the delivery skills, but a full competency based learning solution.

Where an existing training program, the quality must be checked from time to time and improved as per internDSC01293ational standards. This can help save costs and add value in the learning outcome and ultimately the performance of target employees. With advancement of industries and public services there is need for updating all components of an organization’s training programs. Accord Worldwide can assist by setting a desired situation and analysis of current situation in your training program. Then using specific tools it will assist your training team to improve quality and step by step over a period of pre-defined time reach the desired situation.

This intervention will consider all enabling circumstances and add on the strength of the client training team so that same team can deliver better and more with same resources.

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