Accord Worldwide provides solutions to public, private, and non-profit customers from across the globe. These solutions are based on highly acceptable standards and always tailored to the needs of the client. We believe in tailor-made solutions as a standard of our services.

We use an inclusive approach and we are privileged to have gained a mix of experience from public, private and non-profit sectors. We focus on specific industries based on our expertise and rich experience in the given industry.

Practice Industries

Governance and Public Services

Agribusiness and Rural Development

Enterprise Development

Health and Nutrition


Oil and Natural Resources

Environmental Sustainability

Economic Empowerment

Our quality solutions contribute to the success of our client’s business/development objectives. These solutions add value to the client’s investment in a measurable way. Our services are integrated and focused on our purpose of bridging learning and action. Systematic design and standard-based implementation are characteristics of how we do things. Our team believes in simplified approaches and considers bottom-line results as the index of “job accomplished”.

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