Everything starts with a SWOT analysis for your PR objectives to be set. Once the objectives are set we will work with you to consider activities and its relevant budget. It is helpful to know how to set PR budget. If your firm has already identified their PR strategies, and you want us to undertake a specific activity implementation, we are still able to help and add value. This service is in line with our Technical Assistance solutions. PR activities begin with laying a strong foundation based on which messages should be developed. Formulation of messages that reflect an organization’s vision and core values is part of the strategic communication programs. Such messages then can be distributed via various channels.

The power of social networks remains at the heart of clear messaging – content that informs and engages people. We strengthen your messages through creative content strategies, graphic de-signs, and video stories. We craft high impact messages for online plat-forms, SEO, SEM, mobile, or social media networks. We ensure clarity and positive coverage of interviews, events, and conferences based on their news value. We develop strategies that would help broaden stakeholders’ understanding of our clients’ commitment to social and environmental goals.
Two-way communication between organizations and the communities they operate in is essential for great partnerships. We help our clients with their community initiatives and strengthen the connection between the organization and its stakeholders. With countless news and views getting published every day, we choose what truly matters to our clients’ concerns by providing them with highly relevant media content after analyzing a huge database that covers print, audio, audio-visual, and online media.
We help our clients be prepared for any possible crisis and we stand with them in how to manage such crisis communication. Staying a step ahead by developing a strategic crisis response allows organizations to take control of a situation and reduce damage from minimum to none. You may find it interesting that we have a whole lot of training courses on corporate communication including crisis communication.

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