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Accord Worldwide selects highly proficient people on its team. We believe we must share the same philosophy of life so that we work for the same vision. If training and consulting to help people in need, is your passion and you believe in our values, you will find in Accord Worldwide a platform to realize your dreams about the world.

We provide equal opportunity to professionals and use the end result as a benchmark of performance and success. Our business development services (BDS) trainers and consultants will serve our clients based on our approaches to ensure we deliver the quality we promise. Apart from the monetary benefits, Accord Worldwide also provides peer learning, faculty development meetings, and on-the-job support to trainers so that they grow in their training career along with the firm.

Opportunity Types:

If you were interested to become a consultant or trainer with us, you can register on our dedicated portal for consultants/trainers at:  What is the difference?

Job Applicants: 

  • Resumes are checked for specific jobs and applicant cannot edit them later.
  • Applicants can be notified about future job openings that match their resume in our record, but they need to submit new resume for every job application. 
  • Applicants can opt out of emails. 

  • We use this portal to hire our project consultants/trainers. As a consulting firm, this is our main asset to serve client projects.
  • User can create/edit and delete their accounts. 
  • You will receive notification of available consulting/training assignments.
  • Your details will be visible by Accord Worldwide team and its authorized partners/clients and to the public (excluding your contact details).