Quality monitoring and evaluation are the basis of an objectively verified impact claim and demonstration. With robust data collection and rigorous analysis monitoring and evaluation helps to plan, implement and prove you have achieved the output and outcome as agreed upon. To set a goal and objectives, you must have your control mechanisms in place from the planning stage. M&E is your inevitable task to ensure you can measure what you are planning to do – IF YOU CAN MEASURE, YOU CAN MANAGE!

Monitoring will help you ensure your project/program progress is towards relevant objectives and you can achieve them on time. It will also provide you with evidence to implement certain adjustments before things go astray. Evaluation, on the other hand, focuses on the outcome of your work. You may conduct an evaluation at any stage of your project/program, but the purpose for monitoring and evaluation is different.

Our extensive monitoring and evaluation (M&E) services assist you in addressing the matters that hinder efficient and effective results. From the planning stage, setting the right indicators to monitor and/or evaluate important aspects of your project/program will help you in setting SMART objectives. With our engagement in your project, success will be ensured and objectively assessed throughout the implementation and afterward.

The Advantages of Using Accord Worldwide for Your M&E Needs

We can assist you if you work in development, if you are a public agency, or if you are a private sector company that provides public services or works as a social enterprise, or a charity:

  • Establish measurable outcome goals.
  • Build the capacity of the team to ensure adherence and compliance
  • Create realistic data collection strategies, tools and resource estimates
  • Analyze and report outcome data in an objective and credible manner
  • Present and/report the findins to ensure organizational learning

How We Can Assist

Our M&E consulting can assist you in the following ways: 

  • Planning the intervention as per your goal and objectives
  • Practically applying the M&E methodology to your project
  • Understanding how to report outcomes and assess impact and value for money
  • Building customised internal M&E capabilities

Further, our M&E training provides you with access to a global network of expert consultants and trainers through the platform consultortrain.com. They assist your program and project teams in developing collective and individual competence.

Our M&E training provides you with the following benefits:

  • Need based, high-quality training courses
  • Customizable, modular structure that can meet actual needs of your team
  • Relevant case studies that can reflect application of the knowledge in practice
  • Skills to ensure activities and resources utilization achieves measurable outputs and outcomes
  • Provide life-long learning support to your team

A Leading TPM Provider

With a combined solution of consultancy and training, we are rich in the relevant subject knowledge and practical application on the ground. We have been trusted by various international organizations, non-profit and for-profit organizations to help them in monitoring and/or evaluation.

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