We offer two custom training options based on the degree of customization undertaken:

a)  We offer client specific trainings programs from our existing curriculum, wherein the organization would wish to deliver professional development training to a group of their employees. This kind of training allows your employees to work together to solve challenges or develop internal team skills while developing knowledge in a specific area of interest.


b) We design and create custom training solutions that are suited to organizations having identified a specific organizational challenge or gap in their employee’s knowledge or skills in a particular area and need a program developed to meet this management or professional development need. Our team of experts works closely with the organization to create training programs that are centric to the organiz
ations operations and needs.

Our certified trainers actively engage the participants in the learning process of the implementation of the training program,  ensuring that the objectives are met and the lesson activities are motivational to inculcate the necessitate change. We also monitor and
assist in-house trainers during the implementation process.

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