Accord Worldwide contributes to governance, community development, and social development programs. With an aim to help the developing and least developed countries, we thrive to ensure international development. The scheme of our services helps all levels of the community and their stakeholders achieve their development goals. Community development input from Accord Worldwide in a rural or urban setting will bring people closer and assist them in contributing as a forum to the development goals. From behavior change communication to community mobilization for development work or any social development purpose, the approach of Accord Worldwide will be tailored as per the target community.

No matter if the target community is in a rural or urban setting, we follow a generic approach to assess needs and design interventions.

Group of participants from Internal_Control_Training_in_Laos

Our Community Development Approach

  • Meeting community influence
  • Identifying any existing community forum
  • Mobilizing communities to gather and come up with forums for specified objectives
  • Training and capacity building for the relevant forum
  • Assisting the forum to represent the community with stakeholders
  • Community Forum Maturity Matrix and Implementation Support
  • Exit strategy implementation

Accord Worldwide is privileged not only by a team of experts to deliver services but also by training other professionals through its short-term capacity-building services. This initiative further makes Accord Worldwide the right choice for development services as it uses ground real experience plus the internationally accepted approaches that get re-emphasized in training programs.

Some of Our Successfullly Implemented Projects in International Development