Anti-Corruption Activities

Accord Worldwide addressed the corruption issue in Afghanistan through an integrated and comprehensive intervention, which targeted multilevel audience from the public to the authorities and stakeholders. The emphasis was on training government officials on national standards of anti-corruption. The planned trainings and seminars addressed capacity building needs for selected authorities. The topics included for the seminars were corruption definitions, avoidance methods and required actions. A pre-test and post-test were conducted to show understanding and effectiveness of the seminars on targeted participants.

These are some of the core activities of the project:

  • To assist the key capabilities among local authorities.
  • To conduct a public gathering of 100 people on corruption, anti- corruption, and ways to avoid.
  • To introduce mechanism of complaints review and respond, through a committee established in every sector, PGO and military center.
  • To closely work with the sector departments PGO staff to establish a reporting and feedback system in the provincial offices.
  • To coordinate the plans and programs with national level anticorruption independent department.
Community Based Soft Consultancy