Technical Support to UNFPA Partner NGOs

Accord Worldwide formalized the support of UNFPA to Humanitarian Assistance for the Women and Children of Afghanistan (HAWCA) in which HAWCA was to be provided with the system and manuals.

Frequent consultation on each of the manuals was conducted with UNFPA and HAWCA. The manuals were revised and drafted as per the feedback of the stakeholders. After through consultations, the following manuals were developed during this period:

  • System and manual for recruitment and human resource procedure
  • Financial control system and manual on operationalization of projects
  • Procurement Manual
  • Manual on Financial Administration of Staff

A detailed orientation was conducted for the staff of HAWCA on the manuals and systems developed. The orientation included introduction of the newly developed systems and procedure to the staff of HAWCA, discussion of the implementation challenges of the new systems and group work. The orientation was a major milestone in the successful installation of the newly developed systems and standard operations.

Accord Worldwide also conducted Monitoring and assessment of the implantation of the systems in order to identify any major obstacles in the implementation of the developed systems and procedures. A post-implementation assessment was conducted to monitor the progress.