National Solidarity Program (NSP)

Accord Worldwide contributed as a Facilitating Partner (FP) for the National Solidarity Program (NSP) in six districts of Uruzgan from 2011 to 2016. The responsibility of the firm included community mobilization, needs assessment, sub-project design, and capacity-building activities at the community level. NSP is the largest development program in Afghanistan, funded by the World Bank through the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) Afghanistan. Through this program,  Accord worldwide has gained first-hand experience in community development and has identified best practices to overcome security-related obstacles and other challenges. Accord Worldwide delivers services in the security-challenged provinces of Uruzgan. The firm also ensures to develop initiatives targeting the public infrastructure and human capital sectors, in order to create public benefits, enhance government service delivery, and increase household income.

The main activities of the program are:

  • Conducting need assessment
  • Feasibility and facilitation study
  • Identification and categorization of the villages
  • Forming of Shuras (CDCs)
  • Establishing developmental plans
  • Implementation of the planned projects

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The projects and sub-projects consisted of different types of projects such as infrastructure projects, water supply, and sanitation, power supply, irrigation system, construction of intakes, water canals, and provision of transportation facilities.

The purpose of this program is to create an environment that encourages local communities to take an active role in their own economic development and ability to secure income-generation possibilities. Accord Worldwide has addressed and accommodated sensitivities of communities’ culture and religious concerns. With this team, Accord Worldwide will make pragmatic decisions to support the development of the communities that will lead to successful implementation and strong results on the ground, bringing benefit to the people and a strong success to the Afghan government.