Trainer for UN Security Mission Related Topics: Briefing Skills

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Job Summary

About the role:

Accord Worldwide needs at least five motivated, passionate, results-driven trainers for the subject topic: Briefing Skills. Trainers must contribute to developing course material, planning training programs, and delivery of the courses as per the approved material and schedule. Candidates will work on a project that is (potentially) to train personnel working with the UN peacekeeping mission in Somalia. Please note that the contract is not yet awarded to our firm and we are at the stage of proposal development.

About Accord Worldwide:

Accord Worldwide is an international development and training firm. We provide services with a passion to bring about change at the grassroots level. We come from various cultural and geographical backgrounds to make a diverse team connected by a shared vision and mission. Our core value is to develop and empower individuals at the community level, within corporate teams, government entities, and public/private establishments. We believe that in developing the individual with the right skills, they are able to change the environment around them, contributing to the growth of their community and nation as a whole. We believe in the importance of equipping individuals with skills and knowledge, bridging the distance between infrastructure and information, and shaping them into dynamic professionals, making a positive impact in an increasingly competitive world. We connect organizations and teams to be part of community development activities that contribute to the nation’s growth and development.


  • Must have sound knowledge of UN peacekeeping missions
  • Must be competent on the subject of the training: Operations Room Management
  • Must be fleunt in English language
  • Must be able to travel to Somalia different states as required by the project
  • Must be familiar with UN operation and code of conduct
  • Must be familiar with security training for personnel that are affiliated with UN peacekeeping mission


Training program persues an aim to increase the ability of staff officers to communicate in a logical and succinct manner, as well as to generate skills that leverage technology solutions provided by FTS

The candidate will have to contribute in:

  • Planning training schedule for annual programs
  • Drafting training material as per the standard of Accord Worldwide and the UN
  • Developing lesson plans and group specific activities
  • Conducting training sessions as per the agreed standards
  • Collecting relevant data and records from the training program
  • Developing relevant reports according to set standards and criteria
  • Assisting the project manager and other project personnel when and as needed

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