Data Analyst 

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About the Role:

The Data Analyst (M and E Analyst) will assist in the Monitoring and Evaluation team’s effective implementation of their monitoring and evaluation policy by ensuring the collection, analysis, and maintenance of project data, participating in project program monitoring, and conducting thematic and crosscutting evaluations. The Data Analyst is responsible for ensuring that thematic, program, and project monitoring and evaluation activities are completed on time and that results and suggestions are implemented. The Data Analyst will provide quality assurance in the development of existing project-related programs, assist in the collecting of data and evidence for the production of results-oriented evaluation reports and other project reports, and assist in the creation of a statistics database. Contribute to the success of enumerators’ performance by leading the team, resolving issues, and ensuring that the project’s goals and objectives are met on schedule, with approved resources and acceptable quality. This is not a direct job opportunity, but a potential one. It is because we are at the stage of submitting our proposal at this time.

About Accord Worldwide:

Accord Worldwide is an international development and training firm. We provide services with a passion to bring about change at the grassroots level. We come from various cultural and geographical backgrounds to form a diverse team connected by a shared vision and mission. Our core value is to develop and empower individuals at the community level, within corporate teams, government entities, and public/private establishments. We believe that by developing team members with the right skills, they are able to change the environment around them, contributing to the growth of their teams, communities, and nation. We believe in the importance of equipping individuals with skills and knowledge, bridging the distance between infrastructure and information, and shaping them into dynamic professionals, making a positive impact in an increasingly competitive world. We connect organizations and teams to be part of community development activities that contribute to the nation’s growth and development.


  • Must have sound knowledge of UN peacekeeping missions.
  • Must be competent on the subject of media monitoring.
  • Must be fluent in English.
  • Must be able to travel to Somalia’s different states as required by the project.
  • Must be familiar with UN operations and code of conduct.
  • The Data Analyst is required to possess five (05) years of professional experience in monitoring, evaluation, and data analysis of projects;
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Monitoring and Evaluation, or related field is required.
  • Must have excellent computer skills, knowledge of web-based management systems, communications, and public information related projects;
  • excellent English language skills (written and verbal);
  • Knowledge of Somali Language is desirable. 


  • For the duration of the contract, the candidate will be based in Mogadishu and travel to various states.
  • Liaise with different stakeholders and coordinate the project’s technical activities.
  • Train the project field team on relevant tools and strategies.
  • Produce reports and keep data and references for any support to the provided data.
  • Develop tools and strategies that ensure correct data collection and conduct ethical and systematic data auditing.
  • Ensure that thematic, programme and project monitoring activities and evaluations are carried out according to schedules and that findings and recommendations are implemented.
  • Undertake quality assurance in the formulation of existing project related programmes, contribute to the data collection and evidence for the completion of results-oriented evaluation reports and other project reports
  • Contribute to the establishment of statistics database.

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